My bees are coming, my bees are coming!

My bees are coming, my bees are coming!

It’s Friday – and on Monday my nuc is arriving.  Good chap from Orange in NSW is bringing my first nuc.   Below is a pic of my repositioned flowhive – waiting for the bees – although I’m pretty sure it will be moved before they arrive.  While I think it’s a good place I’m pretty sure it breaks a few rules – clear space around to be able to do bee maintaining,  no obstruction (my mini corn field and strawberry farm are invading the space).   I have removed the super to let the nuc be contained in the brood box for a while.

So I think I am ready.  Apart from the umpteen videos and books I have been reading up on, I also have my equipment.  The hat, suit, and hook all came from Flowhive dudes.   Today I went to the Mount Druitt warehouse of Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies and bought my smoker.  Lovely guy there, plus a lovely customer who said the best book he has is “Australian Beekeeping Manual”.  So that’s on my ‘to get’ list.

The smoker is cool.   It’s an Australian made one by BEECO which I am pleased about.  Keeping it local. (this is the one here if interested)



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