2nd Inspection complete

2nd Inspection complete

So two weeks after my first inspection,  I have completed my second.    Everything seemed ok. The bees were very calm.  There seemed to be more.  I found the queen – which is just such a thrill.   I still have no idea what to look for, and am having photos taken of each frame so I can do comparisons (like the 2 below).   I’ve been reading up and learning about the differences to look for but as soon as I get out there, with my heart racing, desparately trying not to roll the queen, acting so so calm, but no – not really calm at all – I forget it all and just look wonderously at all the bees.    I can say that the 2 foundationless frames (with wax strip at top)  at either end of the box are completely empty and not being used yet.    I think that would be about 2 months if I’m lucky it happens before winter.

I didn’t spy any hive beetles – and there wasn’t anything trapped in my chux cloth.

So patiently waiting for spring…only seven months away.




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