Death and Bees

Death and Bees

Yesterday as I sat on my chair, positioned just so to meditate on my bees, I witnessed something intriguing.  There were a bunch of bees – lets say about 15 – all crowded in the one corner (the right) where they enter the hive.   They were gathered around 2 dying or deceased bees, and slowly but surely over about 5 minutes they were pushing them out and off the hive.     Each and every worker bee has a role to play in the hive.   I can only guess these were the undertakers.   

Sometimes the undertakers aren’t needed.   Just a few minutes ago, sitting on said chair – I witnessed something else.   The suicide bee.   She literally fell out of the hive entrance onto the board.  Then dragged her beautiful little bee body right across to the other side and just fell off – to die I’m guessing.       

It’s going to happen a lot.  Given that each hive has between 20,000 & 60,000 bees,  and most worker bees don’t live much past about 45 days, I’m guessing there is going to be a lot of little bee carcasses around.  Where do bees go to die?

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