Thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning

Friday was terrifying.   We had a storm roll in mid afternoon,  and by the time it was on top of us the thunder was constant and the lightning was cracking.   I was worried about my hive.  I didn’t know how bees go in bad weather – do they hunker down?   The weather was too ferocious for me to leave the house and check.   I’m pretty sure the house was hit by lightning at one point as there were two loud cracks, what sounded like a cross between something blowing up and a tree cracking – and our TV blew up and broadband modem was fried.

As soon as the storm passed, but the rain was still going, I went outside very quickly to check the hive. No bees were about – couldn’t blame them.  Assume it was just too wet for them to be out.   But by the next day everything was back to normal and my beautiful girls were going about their business.    So my bees have survived their first massive storm.

Today I did another inspection.   I decided to check on the hive, as I hadn’t seen any new babies last inspection a fortnight ago, with all the excitement and I really want to understand what I’m looking at.  I found the queen quickly and I’m pretty sure I saw babies this time.   (The queen photo below you can see what I think are tiny lavae in cells in the upper left area).     There were so many more bees, so I can confidently conclude the queen is laying!  You can see their busy work again in the comparison photo below.

I also spent some time just photographing bees in my garden today.

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