The yellow dust of Autumn

The yellow dust of Autumn

Next door to our house just over the fence someone, years and years ago – lets say 60 years ago –  planted an American Cedar tree of some description.     Every Autumn, right about now, everything within about a 20 metre radius of it gets covered in yellow pollen.   We all suffer from what is known as cedar fever  – which isn’t a fever at all – but clogged head, fatigue, small head aches – you get the picture.   Our dog starts itching.   So all in all the whole thing is quite unpleasant.   Until now.    My new bee passion had me quite excited for about 10 minutes for this pollen, thinking that the bees would be loving it.

But after looking it up, I can’t find the definitive answer to if this pollen is good.  I certainly found a few references to how this pollen has health benefits for humans (something I’m very dubious about, given the afore mentioned symptoms) but I also found references that bees aren’t that interested (unless absolutely necessary) as apparently there is no nutritional value in the pollen from cedar trees.  The cedar trees are pollinated by wind, not bees etc, and doesn’t attract bees at all.   I certainly don’t see a thousand bees buzzing around the tree.

I took a slow motion video of the pollen as it shook off one of the cedar branches.    Watch below.   Also a picture I took this morning of a returning foraging bee with his fur covered in pollen. (which isn’t related at all, but I like the picture!)


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