Winter rain

Winter rain

It’s atrocious weather in Katoomba.  Its the forth day of Winter,  pouring with rain and it’s forecast to get worse.  Which caused me to wonder how do my bees cope in such horrible weather.   I have done a bit of looking around the web for information with the most obvious thing being they of course just hunker down and don’t come out for anything.  Pretty much the same us us.   While I was looking I found an interesting article about Japanese scientists who attached tiny RFID’s (radio-frequency identification) tags to about 300 bees to see what happened when the climate was about to change.  Although not conclusive by any means – it’s interesting all the same.  You can read about their research here.  There is some suggestion they  anticipate bad weather and forage harder the day before.

Co-incidently while on Facebook a post came up in my feed about a woman whose two hives in her paddock have just been hit by a cyclone in Texas.   She lost her hives and  her bees and she posted a before and after photo of the area.  She was just so sad for their loss of their home and life, (the bees that is) and the members of the FB group started gathering around her from across the globe to give her virtual hugs.  Turns out one of the members is only 3 hours away from where she lives and is going to meet her half way to give her a new nuc to get her started again and ease her pain.   The reason I won’t give up on social media. 

I checked on my bees and there were two dead ones just lying their on the landing board.   They didn’t make it.  And it’s too wet for the undertaker bees to come out of the hive to push them off.   So there they lie at the end of their short life. 

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