Inspection time or a family that beekeeps together stays together

Inspection time or a family that beekeeps together stays together

Last weekend I did another inspection – #7 since receiving my bees in January this year.   The last two I have enticed the entire family into helping so I can concentrate on just the hive.  So I have one person with me just on standby,  I have one of the kids taking photos, and one taking notes.    It was 18 degrees, and the bees were very active.  I did it at about 2pm.   My bees are so calm that I can’t possibly imagine one ever stinging me – however I know it’s going to happen one day.  I’ve just been lucky.      I’ve been thinking about getting an epi-pen as none of know if we are allergic.  My mum is, so I’m somewhat curious to see my own reaction.

We found the queen on frame 4 busy as anything.   We saw lots of babies.   We saw drone cells (which I had to check on friendly forums if they were queen or drone cells not having seen either up close before. )    I forgot (!) – and this I embarrassed about – to check for any pest like mites.   I will go out today and pull out the bottom board to have a look.   There were a couple of ugly german cockroaches and a couple of native cockroaches.    The two end frames were still empty (these are foundation less).   There doesn’t even appear to be a hint of new foundation being made.   I am thinking of wiring up foundation on to two new frames and replacing them to give the bees a helping hand.  Most frames where fairly active but not overflowing.   I will be really keen to see the population build up over the next few months.  I am thinking at this point I may be putting the Flow super on around February – but that’s a very basic guess from what I have been gathering over the last 9 months.

See some pics below of the inspection.    (including a a comparison pic from an early inspection to now of the same frame)

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