New bees for the newbee, (or Act 1, Scene 3, Take 4567)

New bees for the newbee, (or Act 1, Scene 3, Take 4567)

Well. As I am still in the first Act of my life play with bees, I am pleased to let you know I have finally started ‘again’. My two split hives, alas, didn’t survive. They were too weak, and with everything going against them (including I’m willing to add, me) I have now acquired two new hives from an interesting bloke, locally known as ‘The Bee Man’ from Penrith, a small metropolis, 40km down the bottom of the mountain, He sold me a nuc (which is busting at the seams) and a full 8 frame hive, with ideal super full of honey. I turned up to his paddock where he keeps them, and there was his old 60’s fully restored Morris Minor, in the middle of it all, boot open with a lantern hanging from the back. Getting his smoker lit, his full suit on (“im sick of getting stung”) and off we went to get the hives and place them in the back of my car. Once I got them safely home around 10.30pm they were placed immediately in their new location in the yard. I’ve taken the opportunity of losing all my bees to relocate the apiary to the very rear of our yard, near the chooks, and fruit trees.

Another change with this new lot of bees is I have decided to name them. It’s easier than ‘Hive 1, Hive 2’, so I can explain more easily to family and to my log book the progress and reporting of each hive. So! In the spirit of creativity I have decided to name my hives on the female protaganist of what ever book I am currently reading for Book Club. It’s currently the mesmerising book All The Light I Cannot See . So the two hives are called Marie-Laure, a blind French girl (the full double decker brood/idealsuper and I thought fittingly for the hyphenated name. ) The other strong female character in the book is Jutter. A fiery german little girl at the cusp of WWII. Jutter is the new name of the very vibrant packed to the rafters Nuc.

Already watching them for 2 days, they are 100 times more healthy and active than my poor old bees. The nuc bees in Jutta were bringing in pollen by 8am the very next day, with the Marie-Laure taking a bit more time to settle in but by the following day – they too were bringing in bucket loads of pollen. All different colours, light yellow, dark orange and even red. Im as exited as when I first received my original Nuc 3 years ago, but this time with 3 years of experience under my belt.

In a few days time I will transfer them from their old homes into their new hives. Importantly I have placed the provided boxes in exactly the same place as they will end up when transferred into their final boxes.

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  1. Now I used to work with a fellow that lived in Penrith and was bee mad his name was Allan Clemson is that who you got bees off

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